How do I register for SecureAccess Washington?


To register, perform the following steps:

1. From the SecureAccess menu, click Create one.

Image of step one

2. Click Start.

Image of step two

3. Within the Name, E-Mail Address, and Confirm E-Mail Address fields, enter the requested information. From the Secret Question drop-down menu, select a question and enter the answer.

Image of steps three and four

4. Click Next.


5. Under Create a username and password, within the User ID field, enter your user ID. Within the Password and Confirm Password fields, type your password.

Note: Messages regarding the strength of the password you are entering will appear as you type.

Image of steps five and six

6. Click Next.

7. Click Next.

Note: After reviewing your information for accuracy, to print the page for your records, click PRINT.

Image of step seven

8. Within the Enter the code you see below field, enter the code that appears. The security code is not case-sensitive and only contains numbers and lower case letters.

Note: If you cannot read the code, click the link. This generates a new security code. You may also click the speaker icon which will broadcast the code through your speakers. The information you have entered into the registration form remains.

Image of steps eight and nine

9. Click Submit.

Note: A confirmation message appears, and you will receive an email from SecureAccess Washington. To complete the registration process, follow the instructions contained in the email. For more information, go to How do I activate my account?