Getting assistance with an online service


For help with an online service, please contact the agency that manages the service:

Agency Email Phone
Department of Archeology & Historic Preservation 360-586-3065
Department of Commerce 360-725-2676
Department of Corrections 360-725-8383
Department of Ecology 360-407-6911
Department of Enterprise Services 360-407-9100
Department of Fish & Wildlife 360-902-2378
Department of Health 360-236-4458
Department of Health - Health Care Licenses Application\Renewal 360-236-4700
Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) 360-902-5999
Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) - Prevailing Wage Unit 360-902-5335
Department of Licensing
Department of Licensing - Driver and Plate Search (DOL - DAPS) 360-902-3708
Department of Licensing - E-Permitting (DOL - E-Permitting) 360-664-9698
Department of Licensing - Internet Query System (DOL - IHPS) 360-902-3708
Department of Licensing - License Express 360-902-0172
Department of Licensing - License Express for Business 360-664-9650
Department of Licensing - Driver Training Schools 360-664-6692
Department of Licensing - Uniform Commercial Code 360-664-1530
Department of Licensing - SR22/26 Insurance Web Application 360-902-3708
Department of Natural Resources 360-902-1510
Department of Revenue (DOR) - Business Licensing Service (BLS) 800-451-7985
Department of Revenue (DOR) – Tax Services  800-647-7706
Department of Revenue (DOR) – Unclaimed Property 360-534-1502
Department of Social & Health Services n/a
Benefit Verification System (BVS) n/a
DCS Online (Child Support payments for Parents and Employers) 1-800-468-7422 or (360) 664-5103
DSHS Background Check System (BCS) 360-902-0299
DSHS Enterprise Technology Service Desk 360-902-7700
DSHS Client Registry (For client service support staff use only) 360-902-7869 & 360-902-0723
DSHS Agency Contracts Database (ACD) 360-664-6074
Electronics Jobs Automated System (eJAS) n/a
Medical Evidence Review (ESAGAX) n/a
FamLink (FamLink) 360-725-4357
Home Care Referral Registry (HCRR) 360-725-2572
PaymentServices (Medical Premium Payments) 1-800-468-7422 or (360) 664-5103
PRISM MFA 360-902-0809
Provider Entry Portal n/a
ProviderOne Production (P1Prod) n/a
SPAR testing (spartest) or 360.902.0802 - Lyz Speaker 360.902.0764 Jim Mayfield
SPAR(SPAR) or 360.902.0802 - Lyz Speaker 360.902.0764 Jim Mayfield
SSPS Applications 360.664.6161
TARGET2000 (TRAGET2000)   1-888-461-8898
TestFamlink (TestFamlink) 360-725-4357
TestFamlink1 (TestFamlink1) 360-725-4357
TIVA (TIVA) 1.800.818.4024
Washington Connection (WAConnection) n/a
Department of Transportation 360-705-7050
Department of Transportation - Materials Evaluation Program MLOHelp@WSDOT.WA.GOV 360-709-5454

Employment Security Department (ESD)

Employer Account Management System (EAMS)  855-829-9243
Unemployment eServices for individuals and employers - 8am-4pm Monday-Friday no email 855-682-0785 
(supported by Monster for questions only) 
no email 888-316-5627
Office of Financial Management 360-407-9100
Office of the State Treasurer 360-902-8924
Public Employment Relations Commission 360-570-7302
Washington State Board of Accountancy 360-753-2586
Washington State Gambling Commission 360-486-3440
Washington Technology Solutions (Consolidated Technology Services) 360-586-1000