What do I do if I forget my password?


If you forget your password, perform the following steps:

1. From the Login to your SecureAccess Washington Account homepage, click Forgot Password.

Image of step one

2. Under User Information, in the User ID field, enter your User ID.

Image of steps two, three and four

3. After My email address has changed, click to select Yes or No.

4. Click Continue. If you selected Yes to My email address has changed, continue to Step 5. If you selected No, proceed to Step 7.

5. If you answered Yes to My email address has changed, you will be prompted to answer your security question, enter your old email address, and then enter and confirm your new email address.

Image of steps five and six

6. Click Submit, and then proceed to Step 9.

7. If you answered No to My email address has changed, enter your email address that you have registered with SecureAccess Washington.

Image of steps seven and eight

8. Click Submit.

9. An email will be sent to your email address on record with a link to where you may change your password. Open the email.

10. Within the email, click the link to the login page.

11. From the Login to SecureAccess Washington homepage, in the User ID field, enter your User ID. In the Password field, enter the temporary password you received in the email. Click login.

Image of step eleven

12. In the Old password field, enter the password provided in the email. In the New Password and Confirm New Password text boxes, enter your new password.

Passwords must be a minimum of ten characters long, contain at least three of the following character classes: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numerals, and special characters. The following special characters are acceptable for usage in your password: dollar signs ($), at symbols (@), exclamation marks (!), asterisks (*), ampersands (&), and percent signs (%). Your user ID (case insensitive) cannot be used as part of your password.

Image of steps twelve and thirteen

13. Click change password.